Our Tools

The success of Sharon Browning & Associate’s issues management and consensus planning work results from combining Sharon Browning’s unique blend of personal aptitudes and academic training with the hands-on experience, knowledge and perspective she has gained over twenty years of practice.  Integrating and building upon this knowledge has enabled her to develop a sophisticated understanding of people and their interactions, the structure and functioning of organizations and communities, the nature and formation of issues and  the dynamics of change and the leadership required for its management.

These  factors have contributed to her commitment and ability to work with people in a manner that respects their  individuality  and concerns (interests) and enables her to help them identify and develop win/win agreements and plans.

Fundamental to Sharon Browning & Associate’s success in issues management and consensus planning is its Ascertainment Study philosophy that guides the structure and application of the Ascertainment Study approach. It is the artful application of the study approach followed by rigorous content analysis of findings that result in recommendations that can be used by clients with confidence. The Ascertainment Study report and recommendations  become a powerful tool for identifying win/win solutions and developing plans and change management strategies that succeed.

Another fundamental tool for successful issue resolution and consensus planning is the understanding and artful application of the principles of change management theory.  With an effective implementation of change strategies it is possible to intentionally work with people and organizations to change things that may otherwise seem impossible to change.  Attitudes, opinions, culture, motivations, perceptions, structure and functioning of organizations, and even communities and states, can be intentionally changed with time, patience and a win/win strategy.

To learn more and for descriptions of the Ascertainment Study Philosophy and a graphic introduction to Change Management Theory refer to the “Our Tools” tabs.