Strategic Planning

Strategic Plan Facilitation and Writing

SB&A specializes in designing strategic planning approaches to fit the client’s interest level, time, resources and strategic expertise. Client needs and circumstances vary. Some are interested in a simple, general plan to provide focus and a framework for initiatives already in place. Others are interested in a plan that will engage their entire organization and result in major focus and change.  Some have extremely limited time, numbers of people, funding and experience to devote to planning while others are highly resourced and experienced. SB&A works with each client to design the planning approach best suited to their situation and organization.

Subsequent to designing the planning approach, SB&A may serve the client in a variety of areas. Services may include assistance in educating the organization about the strategic planning process; selecting members of the strategic planning team; planning and facilitating planning meetings including meetings to determine mission, core purpose and vision statements and identification of core values; recording planning meeting outcomes; consulting on internal and external research efforts; and identifying goals, objectives, action plans and implementation and monitoring schedules. SB&A may also assist with the writing and formatting of the final strategic plan document, presenting it for executive or board approval and communicating it to the broader organization and external audiences.