Sharon Browning and Associates

Sharon M. Browning, principal of Sharon Browning & Associates, Los Angeles, has specialized in issues management and consensus planning for over twenty years.

Sharon Browning & Associates offer’s a broad range of services that include:

  •   Organizational development
  •   Strategic planning
  •   Change management
  •   Issue/dispute resolution
  •   Meeting facilitation
  •   Executive leadership coaching


In addition, Sharon Browning is associated with skilled  professionals specializing in areas such as:

  •   Human Resources
  •   Compensation Planning
  •   Financial Planning
  •   Branding and Marketing
  •   Graphic Design
  •   Public Relations


The specialized services of these professionals are available to aid clients in the implementation of strategic plans, issue and change management strategies and organizational development plans.

To learn more about Sharon M. Browning and the mission and values of Sharon Browning & Associates refer to the “About” tabs