Meeting Facilitation

Meeting Planning and Facilitation

Effective, results-oriented meetings are a “must have” foundational tool for any successful organizational change or initiative. SB&A principal, Sharon Browning, specializes in planning and facilitating outcome-driven, consensus building meetings. She has planned and facilitated hundreds of meetings of varied size for varied purposes. Sharon is experienced in working with boards of directors, elected officials, community and environmental groups, employee groups and in leading issue resolution meetings, public workshops and hearings as well as community-public-private negotiated agreements.

SB&A advises that every meeting should have a clear, well articulated purpose statement before it is convened and if there is not a clear purpose the meeting should not be held. Additionally, a meeting will only be as productive as the planning that goes into its preparation, the agenda design and the minds, experiences and level of engagement of the participants. Artfully led, meetings are an opportunity not only to achieve results but to maximize collective brain power, creativity, feasible innovation and build team.